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Computer Fixes 

Microsoft has released FREE VIEWERS for Older Operating Systems.pdf

OPT OUT Anyone Can View Your Information Cell Phone Numbers Going Public.pdf

FACE BOOK - Sharing Information and Fix

Many of you have heard of Face Book’s new policy (Instant Personalization) which shares your and your friend’s information with others on the Internet.  It is automatically set to “Enabled” so you have to uncheck the box to disable it.

To Disable the Instant Personalization:

First you must go to your Face Book Page, Click on Account>Privacy Settings>Apps & Websites>Instant Personalization>Edit Settings & Uncheck the “Enabled Box”.  All must change this setting, if your friends don’t do this, they’ll be sharing information about you as well as themselves.

Computer Troubleshooters

Over 450 Locations Worldwide

Safer Internet Day 2 8 2011.pdf
Gang Activities

Some know about the Red Lights on Cars but not the 112 Cell Phone Feature.pdf

New Gang Tactic.pdf 

Virus / Scams


Posted April 30, 2011

SPAM Email Tracking Programs April 30 2011.pdf

Tips for handling Telemarketers and Junk Mail Help Posted April 30 2011.pdf

Scam: Posted September 10, 2011 
These rip-off phonies, calling themselves "Purple Heart Veterans Foundation" are finally out of business.

Posted February 28, 2011

Posted March 18, 2011
March 18 2011 VAS ALERT.pdf

Posted March 2, 2011
SCAM Veterans Support Organization or VSO.pdf

SCAM Posted 2 28 2011 Veterans Support Organization.pdf
Posted January 23, 2011. 

Use the "CLEAR BUTTON" when using your Credit/Debit Card.

Scam Use the Clear Button when using your Credit or Debit Card.pdf

Posted November 3, 2010

The below link includes, Foreign Lottery Scam, Secret Shopper Scam, Work-At-Home Scam, Family Member in Distress Scam. 
Posted December 3, 2010

Subject VVA Warning to all Veterans.pdf

Virus called Here you have it.pdf
Posted December 13, 2010

Horrible Virus using Microsoft Security Name.pdf

ELECTRONIC PICKPOCKETING - This is real and could happen to you.,0,5636726,full.story
Posted December 14, 2010

Hallmark Virus Coming Again.pdf
Posted December 23, 2010

VIRUS ALERT Black in the White House.pdf

Area Code Scam Do Not Call Back.pdf

Scam Check Your Receipts.pdf

Jury Duty Scam.pdf

Read more about this one at,
Posted December 28, 2010

Virus Alert TR Patched CB Virus.pdf
Best Buy Reward Zone
"Some Email Addresses were accessed."
Posted: April 4, 2011

BEST BUY REWARD ZONE Email Alert Some Email Addresses Were Accessed.pdf
Posted May 7, 2011

From: SNOPES Rumor has it.

Invitation, Olympic Torch Virus
Posted December 26, 2011

Virus Warning - Invitation from Facebook


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